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Some Research on Fun in Sports

Our friends at George Washington University have conducted a large scale study on what children consider fun in sports. The study was carried out on soccer players, both girls and boys, from a young age to young adult.

Okay, research papers may be somewhat stuffy, but the link to the full paper is below (with thanks for the link which has been provided with permission from Dr. Amanda Visek, one of the lead researchers for the study):

Players identified 81 things (the researchers later labelled these fun factors) that they found made playing sports fun.

The players then grouped the 81 factors into sets of similar factors. The average produced 11 groupings.

The big revelation from the study is that the three biggest contributors to fun (top three groups) were TRYING HARD, POSITIVE TEAM DYNAMICS, and POSITIVE COACHING.

You can see the whole list and all the details if you download the full article above.

SGSC Select Program - A Primer for Parents and Coaches

Attached is an information package to help explain what our Select Program is and how we are going to manage it. The document was written in 2017, but still represents how we intend to run the Select Program.

2017 Select Program Primer.pptx

If you have a daughter interested in the additional training and development opportunities available with the Select Group age, please contact:

U9 Errol White at

U10 Sue Tomback at

U11 April Nicholls at

U12 Doug Tomback at

Parent Education

Sometimes it seems no matter how we try as parents, we just don't get through to our children!

Have you ever spent much time thinking about communicating with your child in a sport context? Did you ever watch someone else on the sidelines screaming and ranting? We all want so much for our children that sometimes its easy for us to get carried away without even knowing it. We're going to include some links to some videos and articles that we find important (or maybe even just plain funny), looking at our role in supporting our children in sport.

We hope that you enjoy, but even moreso, we hope it makes you pause to think how you can help ensure this experience fully belongs to them. It will help them grow and you'll thank yourself later!

The Ride Home (from our friends at True Sport):

The morale: Let your child bring up the game or practice if and when they want to. Don't suck the fun out of it for them. You don't want them to be part of the drop out statistics.

Meet the Group (from our friends at Sport Nova Scotia):

The morale: Many sports are good for our children's development. Help them enjoy the game and try not to live vicariously through them.

Relax It's Just a Game! (from our friends at Hockey Canada):

The morale: Sometimes we need to listen to what actually comes out of our mouths. How would it sound if our children were saying it to us? The best advice is to focus on cheering on your child and all the players, and leave any other instruction to their coach.



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